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With a lifelong passion for music, Elin has crafted captivating compositions for years. From playing the piano since childhood to studying in a prestigious music college, her expertise shines through her unique blend of electronic, pop, and hip-hop elements. Join her on a sonic journey as she takes you through enchanting soundscapes and vibrant movie anthems. Experience the magic that Elin weaves through her exceptional productions.


My Musical Experience


Growing up in a family of musicians, I confidently learned to play the piano as a child. Surrounded by the musical talents of my jazz-singer mom, rapper and techno beat producer brother, and saxophone-playing father, I embraced the instrument with passion and dedication. Their support and my own dedication laid a strong foundation, fueling my love for music and setting the stage for a lifelong pursuit.

October - July 2021


At BIMM Institute London, studying music production was a transformative year of artistic growth and technical mastery. Surrounded by a vibrant community, I honed my skills in state-of-the-art studios, pushing creative boundaries with confidence. Guided by industry professionals, I gained a solid foundation in music theory and cutting-edge production techniques, ready to pursue an exciting career in the music industry.

January 2022 - July 2022


From Music Production and Events Assistant to Team Leader at Lisa Lashes School of Music, I thrived in the realm of music production. Crafting a track every week across diverse genres, I honed my skills with unwavering confidence. Recognizing my exceptional talent, I swiftly ascended to the position of Team Leader, overseeing successful projects and events. This journey highlights my unwavering commitment and expertise in the dynamic field of music production.

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